Start Improving Your Medical Legal Case Outcomes Today

Susan Finkle is a certified legal nurse consultant who has the nursing and research background you need to get the most out of a review of medical records. She can screen medical cases and help you make sense out of the vast amount of information that can be found in medical records. This can help you in several ways:

We will save you time and money -

We can prescreen cases to eliminate non-meritorious cases.

We can organize the information in ways that are easy to access and understand.

We can research medical topics and find the applicable standards of care.

We can find testifying experts and help prepare them for testifying.

We will efficiently perform medically related tasks, leaving you more time to focus on the legal aspects of the case.

We will help you build a stronger case-

By summarizing and interpreting the medical record, we can highlight the facts of the case making it possible to build a stronger case.

We can help develop questions for deposition that will highlight the underlying medical facts, including deviation from or adherence to the standards of care.

We will help you get the best outcomes for your clients -

From researching and organizing the medical record to preparing comprehensive reports to helping obtain testifying experts, we can help in all aspects of your case.

Haven't you done without a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Long Enough?

Call today and start getting help with your medical cases.